About Whymances


Around 2014, I raised my head out of the sand and started what I’ll call a financial health journey. Like the best journeys, this one is lifelong. My financial closet needed major de-cluttering.

I’d like share my financial journey, with all it’s skeletons and how I crushed them. I Hope you can join me on this ride, as a spectator or forging your financial journey in a way that makes sense for you.

Who am I?

I live with my husband in one of the most expensive cities in Canada. Yay Toronto! I started out in IT and eventually ended up in project management; in his words, the Mr created an awesome career out of drawing pretty pictures.

Best summed up, we love going on adventures. Whether that’s exploring what the city has to offer, traveling or a multi-day hike in the woods. In our downtime, we enjoy sampling scotch, craft beer, painting, swing dancing and working on leather projects together.


What have I  accomplished so far?

Almost doubled my salary by switching from full time into a contract role. It’s wasn’t a question about being unsatisfied with the salary I had but I realized that higher salary would mean more saving potential. Assuming I avoided lifestyle inflation and monitored spending.

Paid off $15,000 of debt in four months. Higher salary helped with this but I also cut my spending down to housing and food until it was paid off.

Created a 1 year emergency fund, just in case. Sure that’s a little over the top but I crave financial stability and that has given me some peace of mind.

So what now?

Juries out on whether FI is the end goal. But that’s not the point. It’s having financial health that’s aligned to your goals and making active choices by:

  • Understanding the relationship between the financial triangle and how to orchestrate them: income, spend and savings
  • Actively spending money on what matters most (values | happiness)
  • Self-discovery of what your own goals are
  • Challenging society’s perception/indoctrination on what things have to cost


Let’s Talk!

Email: whymancesoffinances at gmail dot com
Twitter: @Whymances
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